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Management and Consulting.


FINEXT provides acting managers and engineers for high added value projects, for which experience and technical skills are combined with the urgency and complexity of the environment.


We support our clients onshort-term assignments to deal with the unexpected and carry out transformationphases or lead new development projects. We bring to the top the human resources management and the company project consistency all around its human capital. The roadmap is defined upfront with the management team and shareholders in order to bring together the adequat skills.


Transition manager, general or specialized engineer, each profile is distinguished by its ability to quickly decide on a measured risk and unite the company towards a clear direction and an exciting project. Managing people and conflicts is fully part of the process. To do this, we use our leadership skills and all of our contacts to provide an accurate answer to each problem encountered and effectively accomplish the mission.

Transition manager, general engineer or specialist engineer, each profile is distinguished by its ability to decide quickly with a measured risk and federate the company towards a management.

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