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Company Profile

FINEXT is an investment company based in the Grand duchy of Luxembourg, registered under the number B175.488 at companies house.

With a Master Degree in mechanics and civil engineering, FINEXT owner and CEO began with the creation of an aeronautical engineering office dedicated to cabin interior completion and products for VIP, corporate and governmental aircrafts. With diversity and open-mindedness drive, FINEXT invests sustainably in several business areas, and its CEO is personally involved in financial management, legal structure, business development and benefits reinforcement.


Company head above all, pragmatic analysis of the circumstances and development leads are in the heart of first interviews.

Human factor and team motivation being the starting point of a new strong positive dynamic.

Our strategy of investment:

  • Different business areas: FINEXT invests in a wide range of business sectors (industry, consulting, small craft companies)

  • Investments typology: FINEXT invests as well in mature companies created several decades ago as in innovative start-ups

  • Risk management: FINEXT invests in various stages in the life cycle of businesses (launch phase, management change, financing, capsizing) as well as in the real estate.

FINEXT surrounds itself with business and commercial lawyers, financial, management and communication analysts. FINEXT implements its network and know-how to serve project success and fruitful interactions.

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